ß Veiled in Grey
Veiled in Grey

Patrick. 21. Adelaide. Australia.

Music, Architecture and the male form. x

He makes me happy.
Tonight I watched the full length film for the first time after falling in love with the short film of this story. It’s a fantastic expansion of the characters and the heart warming story. Need to own this if possible once it’s released!

Babe, it’s time we give something new a try
Oh, alone we may fight, so just let us be free tonight

Through the storms and the light
Baby, you stood by my side and life is wine
You feel the sweet breath of time
It’s whispering, its truth, not mine, there’s no I in threesome

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ERICK VAN EGERAATErasmus University College in Rotterdam.


Tony Bennett announcing the award of the 50th Grammy to Amy Winehouse

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